These peeps are all members of The Fake Clan.

Leader - Markavian

Wormnet Name: Markavian
AIM Screen Name: Markavian iTX
Game style: Ropers
Location: Coventry, United Kingdom

Player - Washer

Wormnet Name: Washer
AIM Screen Name: o0HellCat0o, davipe1
Game style: -
Location: -

Player - Warrior

Wormnet Name: Warrior
AIM Screen Name: x0warrior0x
Game style: Roper
Location: USA

Player - Skye

Wormnet Name: Skye
AIM Screen Name: xlSkyelxlEnlx
Game style: anything inv. rope!
Location: Kingston, UK

Player - Outlaw

Wormnet Name: Outlaw
AIM Screen Name: FightaBunny24531
Game style: Proper,RR,
Location: Not Caring, USA