Wormy Links

http://www.wcdclan.com/ - WcD Clan site, loadsa roping maps and stuff.
http://home.iprimus.com.au/vahagn/sfx/ - ClansFX website
http://fwh.owns.it - FWH Website
http://www.blamethepixel.com - Sorted wormy site.
http://www.netcore.ca/legendre/clanoap/ - OaP clan site
http://www.cawunited.com/DeathBringer - AllTheWorms message board - everything wormy ever.
http://home.iprimus.com.au/vahagn/wmmt/ - Map making tutorial, by Vahagn.
http://www.tr0n.org/oap/forum2/ - OTB Clan Forums
http://wormsx.cjb.net - Worms Xtreme clan website (matrix style)
http://www.senecasuite.com/ - Seneca Suite, wormy stuff and cool downloads.
http://www.wlcl.cjb.net - Worms League Clan league I guess?
http://www.go.to/clanbgt - Clan BGT's website, maps, members, stuff.
http://www.cl2k.org/ - Clan Leauge 2k . . . singles and clan leagues!
http://DasWorms.cjb.net - "A whole new breed of worms."
http://www.wormiverse.com/ - Wormiverse - newly opened wormy website!
http://www.wormspro.com - The authority on Worms related files
http://wmdb.org - Worms Map Database - Now in colour!
http://www.tdc.owns.it - The Deadly Clans website.
http://www.freewebs.com/skullworms/ - Skull Worms > Colour Maps and wormy related stuff/

Uhm, 'Non-Wormy' Links

http://www.weebl.jolt.co.uk/ - Weebl and Bob
http://www.levitated.net - Amazing, inspirational, abstract flash animations
http://www.liquid.se/pong.html - A 3D pong site...
http://www.sfcave.com - A game nearly as addictive as 3D Pong!
http://furres.com/host/felorinpie/ - My friends comic website that I partly own so...
http://www.levitated.net/bones/walkingFaces/ - Critter Forest
http://www.inflash.com - A small website with big news about flash.
http://www.users.on.net/fafot - HYPD's Graphics Page
http://www.flashfiles.tk/ - Half Inspirational Flashies